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Why you shouldn’t do dry January

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This January, over 3 million Brits are planning to go dry. If you’re one of them, it will be a new start, you will atone for your festive sins, and you will desperately cling to the accompanying smugness in a bid to mask your misery in the process. In fact, new claims from York University suggest that 31 days of abstinence acts as psychological “permission” to return to drinking as much as you like till next New Year’s day.

It needn’t be so complicated. For a start, getting tanked up over Christmas before going cold turkey for 31 days simply doesn’t work. You’ll only be starting the New Year with a negative mindset, miserable at a time you need succour most, when really you should be sprinting headlong into 2016 with a smile on your face.

Tee-Total Abstinence

Expert bodies don’t promote total abstinence. Instead, the Royal College of Physicians recommend three alcohol-free days a week instead, while the British Liver Trust suggests at least two consecutive booze-free days a week to

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