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Ride With… Dunfermline Cycling Club

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Trevor Ward joins the lively Dunfermline Cycling Club for their weekly ‘bun run’
– Photos: James Robertson

Ride With Dunfermline Cycling Club Credit: James Robertson

Based: Dunfermline, Fife
Members: 170
Formed: 1935
Meets: (all from Glen Gates, Bridge Street, Dunfermline) Saturday 9am: no-drop cafe ride. Sunday club ride, 9am: 18mph+; 10am: 15 mph+ with cafe stop. Tuesday 7pm: chaingang.
Thursday 7pm: Group ride, 18mph+
Contact: | Twitter: @Dunfermlinecc

As we approach the cafe stop and halfway mark of Dunfermline CC’s weekly ‘bun run’, Gary England and I are discussing the etiquette of taking your pull at the front.

Club secretary Ian Condie and Billy Bunyan have done more than their fair share of dragging us the 20-plus miles so far, but CW aren’t expected to put their nose in the wind too? After all, we’re guests…

We take our lead from England, who says: “You don’t like to go in front in case you offend them.” So we let Condie and Bunyan continue setting the tempo. “It’s all downhill for a scone now anyway,” says Colin Beveridge, emphasising the club’s social side. “I used to go out on the Tuesday night chaingangs but those lads are really fast. So now a group of us go out on Thursday nights at a more social pace.”

At the cafe, England tells me he joined the club four years ago “as motivation to get out during the winter months”. Since then, he’s learned useful skills about riding in a group. “The most important

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