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Stages’s Cycling new dual sided and right side only power meters hit the market

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Stages Cycling’s latest power meters debuted at Eurobike are now available to buy

We first caught sight of Stages’ new power meters at Eurobike and now the company has brought its new dual sided and right side only models to market as well as updating its original left hand side model.

We’ll begin with the new Stages LR power meter, which is the company’s first dual sided meter, and the company claims, when partnered with Stages’ ecosystem, of products provides cyclists with the most advanced data.

As well as both left and right measurements, the meter provides pedal smoothness data and Torque efficiency metrics. Stages claims that it’s accurate with +/-1.5% and has a water proof rating of IPX7. Its battery life is a supposed 175+ hours and the battery is a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery.

Stages right sided power meter

Stages says that this is the exact model tried and tested by Team Sky, and that in its two year development it won both the 2016 and 2017 Tour de France.

The new Stages Power R is the company’s first ever right-sided power meter, created to fit aero bikes which might struggle with left hand side clearance. Stages says that you can also pair it with either a Stages Power 2nd generation power meter or the new Stages Power L and turn them into dual sided models.

The model comes with the same +/-1.5% accuracy rating, water rating and battery as

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