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Strava says your New Years Resolutions are going to waver now, unless you take action

This article is originally from Cycling Week

The day your goals are most likely to crumble has arrived – you can let it happen, or you can use that knowledge to go against the grain

Strava has delved deep into its data universe to reveal that Friday January 12 is the day when British riders are most likely to abandon their New Years Resolutions.

The social media ride sharing site says that data from over 4 million UK based activities – and 31.5 million global activities – allows them to pinpoint the day on which motivation fades.

Asked for their methodology, Strava told Cycling Weekly: “Strava looked at data from 31.5 million uploaded January activities; discounting regular weekly trends, we saw that the second Friday in January saw the biggest percentage drop in activity, bucking the weekly trends that we’d expect to see all-year-round.

“The data showed a 17.3 per cent drop compared to the average amount of activity uploads expected for that particular day of the week in January.”

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There is light in the darkness, though (well, until about 4.15pm at in the current depths of January). Strava has dived further into its data pool to establish what common traits increased the chances of a rider, or runner, keeping up with their goals.

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Five common traits came up:

Exercising with friends

According to Strava, training with others leads to people being 22 per cent more active. There

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