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4 simple ways to stay motivated about working out

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Just when you feel like you’ve finally gotten into a solid workout groove, something horrible happens: You lose every ounce of motivation, succumb to exhaustion, and want to throw your just-broken-in tennis shoes out the window. We’ve all been there. 

Workout burnout is real, but it is possible to become friends with fitness without ending up hating it down the road. Juliet Kaska, celebrity trainer, is proof. 

“I’m a trainer, marathon runner, and dancer, and I also teach yoga and Pilates. While keeping that balance, I’ve personally gone through my own fatigue,” Kaska says. 

Here are her tips to stay happy, healthy, and motivated for the long-term. 

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1. Switch up your workouts 

Hitting up a high-intensity class every day before work? The weight-loss results might be there, but they’re not sustainable if you’re constantly pushing your body beyond its limits without giving yourself a break. 

“I’ve always gone back to doing things that are more restorative in nature — like walking,

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