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5 reasons to invest in a standing desk

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I’m stood up as I write this. According to the activity tracker on my wrist, I’ve already burnt an additional 200 calories today and I’ve not yet sat down for my lunch. This tells me two things: first, I’m a sucker for a scientifically-sound fitness trend, but more importantly that standing up while you work is undoubtedly better for your body.

It’s easy to be cynical when the one guy in the office with a standing desk raises his working platform like a towering plinth of self-righteousness – he’s probably not wearing any shoes either, and has blueberry porridge for breakfast. The thing is, however, he’s the guy doing it right. He’s the guy who in 40 years won’t still be hunched over his desk complaining of back pain – admittedly, he’ll still be working thanks to an ever-extending retirement age, but at least he’ll be standing tall.

It’s not just avoiding a crooked back that makes standing desks such a good investment, either. Not convinced sitting is the new smoking?

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