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5 Rowing Machine Mistakes You’re Making

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While absolutely punishing, the rowing machine can be a little forgiving when it comes to accommodating sloppy form.

You’ll rarely ‘feel’ that you’re doing the movement wrong — unlike deadlifts, squats or bench presses — but, in doing so, you could be training completely incorrectly. Whether it’s you, a mate, or that guy who think he’s the local CrossFit MVP, there are numerous mistakes to be made on the rower. 

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Because of this, we recruited the help of Alex Gregory MBE, a five-time world champion and two-time Olympic gold medallist to help you iron out your form and shed fat easier than ever. 

In his words, here are five of the mistakes you’re likely to be making. Take a seat, won’t you?

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Mistake #1: Pulling the handle rather than pushing with their legs

The fix: A powerful leg drive starts every stroke – your quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals fire

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