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Burger fans rejoice. McDonalds has just upgraded the Big Mac

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If McDonalds is your go to place for a cheat day meal then things just got serious. To celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac, the Golden Arches has unveiled two limited edition versions of perhaps the world’s most famous burger.

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For the next six weeks you’ll be able to wolf down a supersized edition of the Mac that clocks in at a punchy 741 kcal. A regular Big Mac contains 508 kcal. Did someone say dirty bulking?

The ‘Grand Big Mac’ (Bigger Mac, Bigly Mac and the Mac Daddy apparently didn’t make the cut, name wise) still features two beef patties and the Big Mac sauce but the portion size is larger.

However, if the idea of eating over a third of your recommended daily calorie intake in one go doesn’t appeal, there’s also the Mac Jr. It’s the same recipe but only has one patty and at 400 kcal, represents just a fifth of your calorie RDI. Having said that, it does also contain 20g or

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