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Lukas Högberg, CrossFit Veteran, Gives MH His Ultimate Training Tips

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As a former boxer and martial artist, CrossFit’s Lukas Högberg is likely to know a thing or two about fitness.

You see, the 27-year-old has had quite the upbringing. At just 10 years old, he was learning Kung-Fu. He then went onto grapple Thai boxing, MMA and boxing.

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Fast forward a few years, and he finished 14th place in 2017’s CrossFit games — not a podium position, sure, but a strong one nonetheless, considering the CrossFit games is limited to the world’s top 40 fittest men every year, whittled down from hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world. 

Five years earlier, he was in 421st position, but quickly climbed the ranks to be 26th, worldwide. But one thing in particular separates Högberg from the rest of the pack — his love for long distance running — and how, unlike most CrossFit athletes, who prefer rowing and static bikes, he incorporates it into his training. 

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“I think it’s a very good way to improve your fitness. You can’t only be in high-intensity training and focus purely on CrossFit workouts. You need the

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