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Meditation doesn’t make the world a better place, says study

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Let’s face it, those who meditate tend to put themselves on a slightly higher platform than the rest of us. The level of smugness they exude after their morning zen session, as you make your way through your morning rush hour choking down breakfast, is palpable.

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Calmly, they sip on their vegan iced almond latte. You sit there stressed, out of breath and panicked having spilt your instant coffee down your jeans. 

You can’t really blame them for believing the hype. The Dalai Lama claimed that ‘If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, the world will be without violence within one generation.’

It doesn’t stop there. Psychologists, world leaders and religions have all advocated the benefits of meditation, claiming the world would change for the better if were to follow its rules and practices.

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However, according to researchers from the UK, New Zealand and the Netherlands, meditation doesn’t change how

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