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The Dark Knight is Christian Bale’s best movie

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Accepting the lead role in a major superhero franchise can be a double-edged sword for an actor. For every Ironman there’s a Green Lantern, every Logan a Daredevil and given the size of superhero budgets, if you fail, you fail big.

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For Christian Bale though, taking the role of Bruce Wayne and of course, Batman, proved to be a master stroke. Refusing to bow to tradition and ham it up like former players, Bale’s Batman was intimidating and morally ambiguous. Dropping into Christopher Nolan’s expansive, richly detailed universe, the Caped Crusader became The Dark Knight and the movie became an Oscar winner and the highest grossing film of 2008.

Despite all this though, it might still come as a surprise that The Dark Knight has been voted Christian Bale’s best movie by fans on the site Ranker. Then again, that’s only because of the quality of Bale’s back catalogue.

The Brit’s commitment to both mental and physical transformations for parts is well documented and also appears

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