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The suiting mistakes you shouldn’t still be making

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Where suiting is concerned, it’s the details that will set you apart from the next man. Unfortunately, it’s the finer points that are often overlooked, causing your whistle to play bum notes. Make these small changes to ensure you’re always on song.

You’re not unpicking your suit’s stitching

It might sound counter intuitive but the first thing you should do to your new suit to make it parade ready is pick it apart. Using a pair of small scissors and military precision, open the breast pocket and remove the large, glaringly obvious tack stitch that holds the vents together. Then remove the fabric label (yes, even if it says Balenciaga) you’ll find sewn onto the left sleeve cuff.

Only then will your new jacket, or indeed overcoat, pass muster.

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You’re still fastening your bottom button

The rule with fastening buttons is as follows

Top: Always

Middle: Sometimes

Bottom: Never

Yes, it’s a hangover from the days when suits were worn by people on

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