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Veganism Has Just Reached New, Frustrating Heights

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Currently, it’s thought that there are over 542,000 vegans in the UK, and 7.3 million in the US. 

With numbers like this, you can hardly blame vegans for being inventive in order to scrape some cash from the masses. At one point, there was vegan fried chicken (no, seriously), vegan scrambled eggs (seriously) and, most bizarrely, vegan steak. Stop laughing.

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Now, however, a French women from Lorraine has launched her own creation and, as a result, is breaking the mould of cheese as we know it.

Ann Guth, who owns Les Petits Veganne — a vegan cheese emporium, essentially – has launched her own vegan Camembert. 

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Which, if you ask us, takes the biscuit. But how has she done it?

Simply, it’s not technically a cheese. Made from cashew nut milk, the dairy-free version of Camembert is already making waves in the meat-free world, with Guth dubbing it a ‘vegetable speciality’, with a texture that’s more Laughing Cow

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