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Why Barry’s is one of the best workouts around

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If you haven’t heard of Barry’s Bootcamp by now, you soon will. The high-intensity studio famous all over the world is now taking the London fitness scene by storm.

We spoke to their CEO, Joey Gonzalez, after a sweaty full-body class to mark the opening of their fourth London studio, Barry’s SW1, to find out what you can expect in your first Barry’s experience and why you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Men’s Health: How did you start out with Barry’s Bootcamp?

Joey Gonzalez: In 2001, I started going to classes as a client and I was hooked immediately. Initially, though, it took me over a year of earning the guts to come, as I’d heard it was so challenging. But the first time I went I was taken back by how welcomed I felt – it didn’t matter how fast I could run or how heavy I could lift. There’s an empathy at Barry’s as everyone has been a first-timer at some stage. I then became an instructor and got

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