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Why Britain Is Europe’s Worst Country For Factory-made Food

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Despite the best efforts of nutritionists, the NHS, doctors and well, us, it seems that Britain’s diet is among the worst in Europe.

As a country, ‘ultra-processed foods’ make up 50.7per cent of our shopping, the highest proportion out of 19 of our continental neighbours. Compare that with France, at 14.2 per cent, and Portugal, at 10.2 per cent, and it’s not hard to see why nutrition experts are worried.

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In layman’s terms, what these findings mean is that as a nation, we’re the least likely in Europe to buy the fresh ingredients needed to make a home-cooked meal: think fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

The research, conducted by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, looked at the food bought by 19 European countries and divided it into four groups. 28.6 per cent was unprocessed, 10.4 per cent was processed using cooking ingredients like vegetable oil and 10.2 per cent was normally processed such as cheese or meat. The rest, as we now know,

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