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Women want men to spend £150 on Valentine’s Day

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Love it or loathe it (or really, seriously despise it), there’s no getting away from Valentine’s Day. A date in the year that sends shivers through every man in a long-term relationship, fear through the guys who are spending it alone and joy through the boys who are bigger drips than a leaking tap.

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Want our advice? Love your partner all year, not just on a made-up date designed to take advantage of people and make as much money as possible.

But, for the sake of an easy life, you’d be a fool to pretend Valentine’s Day doesn’t happen. Although we would recommend unfollowing anyone who posts the following: pictures of flowers from their ‘hubby’, chocolates/teddy bears/cards accompanied with the caption ‘my rock’ or ‘my boyfriend is better than yours’, ‘presents from bae’ and anyone using #couplegoals. 

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Trust us, they will break up before spring. But, if you’re not sure what to get your

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