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Your BS free guide to meditation

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1. Where do I start?

On your phone. Of the 1500+ existing meditation apps, we recommend Calm, Simple Habit and the ubiquitous (for good reason) Headspace. Then, graduate to group-guided sessions, though we’d recommend doing some digging first. Avoid unnecessary religious or spiritual elements – science-backed Meditation: Unlocked, which is based in London and labelled “no crystals, no mumbo jumbo,” has our singular focus.

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2. Who’s it for?

It’s becoming popular with work hard, play hard nine-to-fivers. Meditative techniques can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, creativity and happiness. The notion that it’s for hippies with dreadlocks is as outdated as their harem pants.

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3. Will it get me zen af?

Maybe. “As with the gym, one session isn’t enough to benefit,” explains Niraj Shah, founder of Meditation: Unlocked. Don’t expect monkish repose immediately. An open mind helps, too. The rewards are scientifically backed; you just need to tune in.

4. Is there a signature move to master?

Try coherent breathing. This

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