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Are you a Strava addict?

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Are you painfully obsessed with KOMs and segment times? Bedevilled by ‘uh-oh’ notifications? Or is it all just healthy, competitive fun? We speak to some self-confessed Strava fanatics

Ben Dowman Credit: James Vincent

In the last few years as Strava has increasingly dominated cyclists’ data capture — as well as many of our conversations — our dependence on the platform has become a source of amusement mixed with mild concern.

“If it’s not on Strava,” riders quip, “it didn’t happen.” When the site suffered a short outage last year, social media went wild with panicked cyclists unable to upload their rides and pore over their KOMs/QOMs, and virtual trophies. Though this intense devotion to Strava may seem harmless and often funny, is the site becoming a source of real pain as well as pride?

Ben Dowman (pictured above) is a psychologist, performance coach and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) specialist. He is also a self-confessed Strava addict.

“As with any addiction, the realisation that you have a problem is a slow trickle — it crept up on me,” he says. “One day I looked at all the small things I had been doing, such as the day my housemate came home to find me naked in the kitchen because I’d started uploading while getting changed. There I was, waiting for it to complete, desperate to see my segments, with nothing on.

“I thought about the times I had been rushing around looking for Wi-Fi when on holiday so

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