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Do fasted rides really work?

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Whether it be losing weight, improving your on bike efficiency or utilising fat as a energy source. When executed correctly fasted rides can provide improvements across all areas of your cycling

Heading out for a fasted rides can be an excellent way of losing weight as well as training the body to use fat stores as fuel. But how do they work, what type of sessions should you do and are there any potential dangers of riding fasted?

Ric Stern, performance director and senior coach at RST Sport (, emphasises that the preparation for fasted rides are just as important as the session itself.

“Fasted rides work from not eating overnight, where you just consume water, or black coffee or tea (no sugar, no milk) and then go training.”

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“There are a variety of different types of training you can do in this fasted state, depending on how fit you are, whether you’ve done such rides before, and how you may respond to riding in a fasted state. For example some people will do short endurance rides of 90-minutes, while others could do significantly longer endurance rides.”

It has been suggested that some professional riders stretch out the duration of their fasted rides over multiple hours, Stern recalls how it was reported that Bradley Wiggins would do fasted rides lasting up to seven hours in duration.

Fasted rides still require hydration in the form of water or electrolyte drinks. Photo:

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