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8 Bike Lights We Love

The Stix Comp lights by Specialized are best for the rider who wants a compact, minimalist set of lights that won’t ruin the clean lines of your bike, or a supplemental pair to add to an existing light setup for extra visibility. The 105-lumen white headlight is good for being

Ekoi Heat Concept Overshoes

Ekoi's Heat Concept range consists of these overshoes, and a pair of gloves. Both have the same aim – to keep your extremities from freezing in the cold – and both use a system of integrated heating elements and lithium polymer batteries to achieve that aim. And do you know

Hiplok FLX lock & rear light

The Hiplock FLX is a handy one-metre security cable for cafe stops and the like, with a convenient three-digit combination lock. But added features like its LED rear light and clip add bulk and cost without adding truly useful functions. It'd be better slimmed down to essentials. When the Hiplok FLX

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

When a light's lumen count approaches a grand, we're expecting some serious brightness. NiteRider's Lumina 900 Boost model lives up to expectations. Two years ago we had the Lumina 750 on test, and rated it highly with a solid four out of five star rating. We found that it was bright

7iDP Flex knee pads £60.00

7iDP Flex knee pads£60.00

7iDP Flex knee pads (Russell Burton) Well-priced and with some promising design features, these new pads from 7 Intelligent Design Protection certainly look appealing, but how do they perform on the trail?The Flexes are kept in place by an upper and lower strap, each of which has two Velcro

Silverback Sirelli 2 £1,920.00

Silverback Sirelli 2£1,920.00

Silverback's Sirelli 2 plants an impressive flag for the relative newcomer Silverback’s South African-born founder Deon Retief certainly isn’t short of ambition: “I want the Silverback brand to be the Apple of the bicycle industry,” he says of the company that now has its Global Development Centre in Stuttgart

Images and review: LIKEaBIKE Mountain Classic

When the time came to buy my eldest son his first bike - at the grand age of two - it wasn't a decision I could take lightly. Well, his entire future as an Olympic track rider/Triathlete/or Tour de France legend could hinge on this very fundamental choice. I needed to