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Déjà vu three months before my next triathlon

I’ve been here before not once, not twice but at least three times. Each time I sign up to another triathlon or duathlon, I start off with the best intentions, meaning to establish a habitual training regime that is more consistent than intensive. Of course there’s always plenty of time

Call that a swim?

I finally made it to the pool at long last. Don't get too excited though, the visit to the local pool didn't quite pan out as expected... Despite my best efforts to get a good hour's worth of laps at the local swimming pool, it wasn't necessarily to be. The main

To sink, or swim?

Hmmmm. Well the swim didn't exactly go to plan, mainly because I didn't do it. Events kind of overtook the need to swim, however, by the end of the day I started to feel the need to excercise, so a run was in order. By the time I actually got round