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Cinelli Gazzetta della strada

For the past couple of years I've been commuting into work on my trusty Cannondale Badboy 8, a trusty and reliable steed capable of a swift ride. The maintenance-free nature of the bike is hugely appealing, however, two main niggles lead me to mischievous two-timing thoughts around the Cinelli Gazzetta della

Video: How to cycle safely in the dark

You've probably noticed over the past week or so that the nights have started to draw in and we're losing light on those commutes home. Boo! On an overcast evening it's pitch black by 8:30 pm, and it's not long now until the clocks change and we're plunged into darkness

Night Rider: Commuting in the dark

Since the clocks changed for daylight saving a couple of weeks ago (a time that I dread each and every year), this has meant riding home from work in the dark. I don't mind riding home once the sun has set, but things change out there on the streets and

Commuting on the bike in the cold

The merino wool base layer arrived this morning and the Gore Windstopper leg warmers are next on the list. It really is getting cold out there, but is it really worth it? For the first time this year I was happy to be wearing my fully loaded thermal/waterproof sealskinz socks, which

Loving it, loving it, loving it

OK, so I've ridden into work another two times since my first reintroduction to the cycle commute. Got to say that I'm really enjoying it and already starting to feel the benefits with parts of the body tightening up a little more and the tummy is already feeling firmer. One thing

Riding to work. What a buzz!

Following my fastidious preparations I did make it out on the bike for my first cycle commute into work for 5 years. I've got to say that I was a little nervous as I'd only ever completed this particular ride once before during a weekend on my road bike ...

Time to ride…

At home on Thursday evening and I'm gearing up for the ride into work. At the moment I'm ensuring I have everything I need, trying to make sure that I don't arrive at work only to find that I've left my jeans at home and have to spend the entire