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London Tri offers “Olympic Plus”, what a liberty!

Having already entered this year's London Triathlon I'm now used to receiving a fair few emails from IMG, organisers of the event, inviting me to sign up to some of their other events which I'm tempted to do and no doubt will at some point in the future. 932

Blenheim tri here I come, first of 3 triathlons in 2010

Quite unexpectedly I recently signed myself up for this year's Blenheim Triathlon. It wasn't an event I was planning to participate in as I'd already signed up for the Windsor Triathlon olympic distance taking place the following weekend on 13 June, but I caved under the peer pressure not wanting

London Triathlon 2009 in summary

Over two weeks have passed since completing the 2009 Mazda London Triathlon and I'm still feeling chuffed with myself at finishing a whole 15 minutes quicker than last year, something I wasn't expecting to achieve. I'm now convinced I can do significantly better next time round, so gunning for a

London Triathlon 2009 – Part 3 the run

Now onto the third and final leg of the London Triathlon 2009 the swim feels like a distant memory. The run section has always been my nemesis to a certain extent. My physique hasn't typically been suited to running and still isn't, I can't imagine it ever will be but

London Triathlon 2009 – Part 2 the bike leg

OK, so the second leg of the London Triathlon 2009 begins with the bike stage following what felt like a pretty lengthy swim and somewhat exaggerated T1. First thing's first, that T1 was the most incredible transition I've ever experienced. The usual bike exit was moved as a result of the extensive construction

London Triathlon 2009 – the results are in – Part 1 the swim

A full two days have passed since completing this years Olympic distance course of the Mazda London Triathlon based at the massive Excel in London's Docklands. Having dropped the bike off at transition the day before the big event, I eventually arrived at the venue on the Sunday and quickly tracked

London Triathlon 2009 race pack arrives

My race pack for this year's Mazda London Triathlon arrived today, consisting of: 1 x event brochure, 1 x race number, 3 x race number stickers, 1 x security wrist band. It also confirms my start time of 14.10 pm and my race number, 9910. Only 9909 others to beat

Call yourself a mountain biker?

I often like to think of myself as a mountain biker, an athlete, someone who regularly partakes in active sporting events, but more recently I do wonder. There was a time when I could confidently quote the above without feeling guilty about bending the truth. Is it because I am still