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London Triathlon 2009 – Part 2 the bike leg

OK, so the second leg of the London Triathlon 2009 begins with the bike stage following what felt like a pretty lengthy swim and somewhat exaggerated T1. First thing's first, that T1 was the most incredible transition I've ever experienced. The usual bike exit was moved as a result of the extensive construction

Video: Essex Loop road ride, x10 time speed

Thought I'd have a go at filming a road ride with the intention of presenting a film with a time lapsed effect, rather than bore you with the full hour and a half of fantastic road riding - you had to be there to appreciate it. Having filmed most of

Riding to work. What a buzz!

Following my fastidious preparations I did make it out on the bike for my first cycle commute into work for 5 years. I've got to say that I was a little nervous as I'd only ever completed this particular ride once before during a weekend on my road bike ...