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Roding Valley Half Marathon, finisher

Crossing the line at the Roding Valley Half Marathon

Almost an entire month after completing my first ever official half marathon event I've summoned the energy to write about the painful memories of the 2 hours and 9 minutes it took me to complete the Roding Valley Half Marathon. 975

The Running Man, covering the half marathon distance

Two weeks and counting until the I "compete" in the Roding Valley Half Marathon. Nervous about never before having covered the full distance for this event (21km or 13 and a bit miles) I took it upon myself to give it a go in advance. My worst fear on the day

5 week countdown to Roding Valley Half Marathon

The Roding Valley Half Marathon, my first "competitive" event of 2010 looms closer taking place on 28 February. I've never run further than 10km previously, and to this day still haven’t run past the 12.5km mark, so yet to know if I’m able to last the extra 9.5km that I’ve

London Triathlon 2009 – Part 3 the run

Now onto the third and final leg of the London Triathlon 2009 the swim feels like a distant memory. The run section has always been my nemesis to a certain extent. My physique hasn't typically been suited to running and still isn't, I can't imagine it ever will be but

London Triathlon 2009 – the results are in – Part 1 the swim

A full two days have passed since completing this years Olympic distance course of the Mazda London Triathlon based at the massive Excel in London's Docklands. Having dropped the bike off at transition the day before the big event, I eventually arrived at the venue on the Sunday and quickly tracked

New toys: Garmin Forerunner 405

OK, Christmas has come and gone and we're now suffering the repercussions of the New Year celebrations as well as adjusting to the thought of returning to work. One of many things that I’m taking away from it all is my latest toy, the Garmin Forerunner 405, a personal training

The Running Man

The GRIM Duathlon happened a few weeks ago now and the effects have worn off, thankfully. That was the first time I used my legs to "run" since the London Triathlon in the summer. Today, I ran again. 134

Is my achilles heel my achilles heel?

As I write this, the dull pain above my right heel has almost receded. I talk about my suffering following a 10 km run in the forest with my good friend and triathlon co-entrant, Steve. Ouch, ouch, climbing the stairs to the bedroom was a painful experience following the arduous