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Video: Tim Don’s swim training tips for triathlon

Triathlete Tim Don explains why only training in a pool won't quite cut it come race day. "Try get in a lake, it is different. In a swimming pool try swimming a length with your eyes closed and you'll be bashing off the lane rope, because that's what happens in triathlon..."

London Triathlon 2009 – the results are in – Part 1 the swim

A full two days have passed since completing this years Olympic distance course of the Mazda London Triathlon based at the massive Excel in London's Docklands. Having dropped the bike off at transition the day before the big event, I eventually arrived at the venue on the Sunday and quickly tracked

Riding a bike is easy, but what of the swim

I remember only too well the horrendous thoughts running through my head as I was only 40 metres into the swim leg of last year’s London Triathlon. I was ready to give up and head for dry land, but that wasn’t something I was prepared to do. Once the melee

Mud plugging. Can this count as a swim?

Saturday morning, up at 8:00 am and ready for an off-road adventure in Epping Forest. From what the local dog walking fraternity say, the forest is muddy and wet wet wet, and judging by the amount of rain that fell the night before it certainly ain't going to be a

Call that a swim?

I finally made it to the pool at long last. Don't get too excited though, the visit to the local pool didn't quite pan out as expected... Despite my best efforts to get a good hour's worth of laps at the local swimming pool, it wasn't necessarily to be. The main

To sink, or swim?

Hmmmm. Well the swim didn't exactly go to plan, mainly because I didn't do it. Events kind of overtook the need to swim, however, by the end of the day I started to feel the need to excercise, so a run was in order. By the time I actually got round