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The Running Man, covering the half marathon distance

Two weeks and counting until the I "compete" in the Roding Valley Half Marathon. Nervous about never before having covered the full distance for this event (21km or 13 and a bit miles) I took it upon myself to give it a go in advance. My worst fear on the day

Blenheim tri here I come, first of 3 triathlons in 2010

Quite unexpectedly I recently signed myself up for this year's Blenheim Triathlon. It wasn't an event I was planning to participate in as I'd already signed up for the Windsor Triathlon olympic distance taking place the following weekend on 13 June, but I caved under the peer pressure not wanting

Video: Tim Don dishes out great advice for triathlon beginners

Wise word of advice for those new to the wonderful world of triathlon from one of the best in triathlon, Tim Don. "join a triathlon... all of a sudden there's like-minded people..." " of those sports where there are so many rewards..." Couldn't agree with you more, Tim.

London Triathlon 2009 in summary

Over two weeks have passed since completing the 2009 Mazda London Triathlon and I'm still feeling chuffed with myself at finishing a whole 15 minutes quicker than last year, something I wasn't expecting to achieve. I'm now convinced I can do significantly better next time round, so gunning for a

Video: Tim Don’s swim training tips for triathlon

Triathlete Tim Don explains why only training in a pool won't quite cut it come race day. "Try get in a lake, it is different. In a swimming pool try swimming a length with your eyes closed and you'll be bashing off the lane rope, because that's what happens in triathlon..."

Countdown to Blenheim Tri, 18 days

OK, so this morning I received my starting time for the Blenheim Triathlon, 11:00 am. Not bad at all, much better than the dreaded 8:00 am start I had for last year's London Tri, not sure I even had time to fully digest my muesli before the starting gun went

Video: Essex Loop road ride, x10 time speed

Thought I'd have a go at filming a road ride with the intention of presenting a film with a time lapsed effect, rather than bore you with the full hour and a half of fantastic road riding - you had to be there to appreciate it. Having filmed most of

First ride to work since the snow

It's been over two weeks now since the snows fell over London preventing me from riding to work, and just three days ago the remains of the snowman my son built in the back garden morphed from a small hand sized lump of ice to a puddle consumed by the

New toys: Garmin Forerunner 405

OK, Christmas has come and gone and we're now suffering the repercussions of the New Year celebrations as well as adjusting to the thought of returning to work. One of many things that I’m taking away from it all is my latest toy, the Garmin Forerunner 405, a personal training

The Running Man

The GRIM Duathlon happened a few weeks ago now and the effects have worn off, thankfully. That was the first time I used my legs to "run" since the London Triathlon in the summer. Today, I ran again. 134

Riding a bike is easy, but what of the swim

I remember only too well the horrendous thoughts running through my head as I was only 40 metres into the swim leg of last year’s London Triathlon. I was ready to give up and head for dry land, but that wasn’t something I was prepared to do. Once the melee